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Sump pump repairs and replacement

Zoeller Sump Pump

If you are in need of a reliable, heavy duty or industrial sized sump pump, one brand you should consider is Zoeller. Read on as we provide some info on this sump pump brand.

Backup Sump Pump

Backup sump pump systems are important because main pumps usually fail when they have broken or stuck floats, excessive inflow of water, faulty electrical system, and broken impellers. There are two types of backup pumps, namely the battery backup and water-powered backup. A battery backup sump pump usually operates via a rechargeable 12-volt battery.

Basement Sump Pump

A basement sump pump is a very useful appliance. If you should ever have a flood, they can pump the excess water from the basement, which is essential to keep your basement as well as the foundation dry. When the sump pit is filled with water, the sump pump works and pumps water away from the house.

Sump Pump Alarm

Even with a sump pump, a sump pump alarm should also be used. Used in conjunction with a properly installed, maintained and working sump pump, it is an invaluable tool.

Commercial Sump Pumps

Commercial sump pumps are a necessity for any business building with a basement. Most commercial grade sump pumps differ from the pumps used by homeowners. Commercial grade sump pumps often have an exterior that is constructed from high quality cast iron.

Electric Sump Pumps

Having some knowledge of electric sump pumps before making a purchase can help anyone make shopping for one easier. There are two types of electric sump pumps in existence. The submersible electric pump or pedestal/upright electric pumps.

Flotec Sump Pump

One common brand of pump in the industry is the Flotec sump pump. Flotec offers a wide variety of sump pumps from submersible thermoplastic type to stainless steel pumps. If you are to choose a Flotec sump pump for residential use, you should aim for a low horsepower rating.

Frozen Sump Pump Line

A frozen sump pump line can be very problematic. Read on to find some practical ways to keep sump lines from freezing up in the winter.

How Does a Submersible Sump Pump Work

In this article we attempt to answer the question of - how does a submersible sump pump work. Read on as we describe the features and function of this type of sump pump.

How Does a Sump Pump Work

A sump pump can be a very beneficial appliance for your home or business. So, how does a sump pump work ? Read on to learn how. A sump pump has a float when it senses the water at a certain level it will start.

How to Install a Sump Pump

The easiest, safest, and best way to install a sump pump is to hire a professional plumber or contractor. However, learning how to install a sump pump yourself can save you some money

How to Repair a Sump Pump

The dilemma a homeowner faces as to whether to replace or repair a sump pump can be confusing at best. Most pumps should be replaced every 5-6 years

Hydromatic Sump Pumps

A sump pump is absolutely necessary for the prevention of basement flooding and many companies offer sump pumps of varying quality. Learn why Hydromatic sump pumps are quickly becoming known around the world for their reinvention of the traditional sump pump.

Industrial Sump Pump

If you have a business location with a basement, and the basement is where you store your inventory, and it keeps flooding, then what you most definitely need is an industrial sump pump

Little Giant Sump Pump

One of the main and recognized industry brands that supply great sump pumps to homeowners is the Little Giant sump pump. Read on to learn more about this quality pump

Little Giant Sump Pumps

There are many different brands of sump pumps on the market today. One brand worth taking a look at is Little giant. Anybody looking for an inexpensive sump pump would do well to act fast and check out the selections offered by Little Giant. Read on to learn more about little giant sump pumps.

Pedestal Sump Pump

A pedestal sump pump my have several advantages over other types of sump pumps. They have the motor out of the water.

Submersible Sump Pump

Installing a submersible sump pump in your basement is one of the best defenses against flooding you can have. It can save you thousands of dollars in damage, help maintain the value of your home and ultimately protect your belongings from flood damage.

What is a sump pump

What is a Sump Pump ? If you are searching for information on sump pumps then look no further. Here at Parker Brothers, we offer a comprehensive guide to sump pump systems, product reviews; lots of easy-to-follow information on sump pump backup systems, battery sump pump tips, submersible sump pump systems and practical sump pump installation tips to help you get started.

Sump Pump Backup

A sump pump backup system can come in pretty handy if your main sump pump stops working. A backup unit is not overly costly and can save thousands of dollars in damage if there is flooding in the basement

Sump Pump Backup Systems

Because sump pumps can clog or malfunction, placing sump pump backup systems can make all the difference in the world between a flooded or dry basement. Read on to learn more.

Sump Pump Backup Systems Primer

Sump pumps work on electricity and, as such, the lack of electricity essentially means the lack of a sump pump. Sump pump backup systems work without electricity and thus are a necessary add-on to any sump pump system.

Sump Pump Basin

A sump pump basin and a sump pump system is just one of the things you will have to do to make your home comfortable and safe.

Sump Pump Problems

Sump pumps can run for years without problems, but sump pump problems can surface. Read on to learn about some of the issues that may come up with regards to your pump.

Sump Pump Repair

Conducting routine sump pump repair and maintenance, can help keep your sump pump in tip top shape. Read on to learn about some sump pump maintenance preventative measures you can take to keep you unit working properly.

Sump Pump Check Valve

A sump pump check valve is an important part of your sump pump as it keeps the water from going back into the sump pump basin once the pump is turned off.

Sump Pump Cover

A sump pump cover is an absolute necessity to have in your home. It is often legally required, helps to prevent dangerous gas leaks, and maintains the integrity of your sump pump.

Sump Pump Drainage Systems

Sump pump drainage systems are very important and are a necessity for all homeowners with basements. Read on to learn more about how these systems works.

Sump Pump Float Switch

The sump pump float switch is responsible for activating the pump when the water level reaches the point where water needs to be relocated, and because of this, it is one of the most important parts of the sump pump.

Sump Pump Installation

Do it yourself sump pump installation is not easy, but is quite manageable. Read on to learn more about how to install your own sump pump.

Sump Pump Maintenance

Regular sump pump maintenance is a must for every sump pump owner. At the very least sump pump maintenance should occur annually. However, quarterly sump pump maintenance seems to be the norm.

Sump Pump Switch

Without a sump pump switch, a sump pump useless. Read on to learn more about the importance of the sump pump switch.

Sump Pump Systems

Buying a new sump pump for your home or business can be a daunting experience because of the sheer numbers of manufacturers. Read on to learn about some of the different manufacturers and their products.

Sump Pumps for Your Basement

For those who have had issues related to flooding in their basement, sump pumps for your basement may the solution you are looking for.

Watchdog Sump Pump

The Basement Watchdog sump pump is one of the more popular brands of sump pump. Not only are these sump pumps durable, they are quite easy to maintain.

Water Powered Sump Pump

Because a water powered sump pump requires no battery, no power, and has no moving parts, it may be the perfect option for your home or business. Read on for more info on this type pf sump pump.

Who Needs a Sump Pump

If you have never experienced heavy flooding in your area, you may wonder about who needs a sump pump. Read on to learn why every homeowner needs a sump pump.

Why does my sump pump stink

When a sump pump smells the first thing that we need to do is determine whether it is a sump pump or sewage ejector pump that we are talking about. Many people do not know there is a difference between the two types of pumps yet the treatment for odor would be very different on the sump pump and sewage ejector pumps.

Sump pumps are used to pump relatively clean water such as storm water, or ground water that enters the sump pump pit. The pit may have a cover or it may be left uncovered. In most cases a sump pump will not smell or, may only have a somewhat musty smell. Sump pumps may discharge outside on the ground, into a storm sewer in most cases.

Sewage ejector pits are used to pump dirty water such as waste water from sinks, tubs, showers, toilets and laundry lines that are located too low in a home to drain by a gravity drain up to a sewer line. The sewage ejector pits although they handle smelly waster still should not smell when properly installed and maintained. The pit should have a cover that is tightly sealed to the pit, with all pipes and wires coming up through the cover sealed to prevent sewer gases from leaking out of the pit and into your home. The sewage ejector pit should be vented through the roof and the waste from a sewage ejector only goes only to a sanitary sewer.

By now you have probably discovered that what you were calling a sump pump is indeed a sewage ejector pump. The things you want to look at when confronting an odor problem on a sewage ejector pit is the sealing of the cover and all the pipes and wires coming through the cover. The integrity of the cover and pit should also be examined. Sometimes older pits and covers were constructed out of steel, which has corroded and no longer is airtight. Other times gaskets are missing or, not properly installed. A vent through the roof is essential because the sewage ejector pit is so tightly sealed the air needs to be able to escape when waste enters the pit. A vent is required which goes out through the roof to allow the free flow of air in and out of the pit. Air admittance valves also known as Studor Vents or, cheater vents will not work in this application because they only allow the flow of air to go into the pit but not escape. The improperly vented ejector pit almost always smells as it is filled the pit pressurizes and air under pressure forces its way past seals that would not normally leak. Every thing on a sewage ejector pit needs to function properly to prevent odors from sewer gases from entering your home. If you have sewer gases from an ejector pit entering your home I would give a high priority to getting this problem addressed out of concern for the health of your family.

If you have a sump pump in many cases they are odor free with a good circulation of ground water and or, storm water that stays fresh via the circulation. In some cases during low water conditions the water in the pit may become stagnant. Sometimes it is as

simple as running a hose into the pit for a little while to allow the pump to run a few cycles while other times you may want to put a loose cover on the pit. In most cases this is adequate for odor control. If you have water entering the pit that smells you want to examine if you have leakage in your sewer lines or, septic system if you have one which is allowing sewage water to enter the ground water reaching your sump pump pit. One of the ways that may check for sewage water to be entering a sump pump pit is to use dye to test the sewer lines. If the dye shows up in the pit you have leakage but it may not always show. Another way is to watch for water to suddenly start entering the pit when you drain water. If you have sewage leaking into the ground the leaking sewers should be addressed for the health and safety of your family and others in your neighborhood. In the worst case scenario you have smelly ground water entering the pit in which case you may just go to a sealed lid on the sump pump pit with venting to the outside.