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Here are some plumbing and electrical jobs our plumber & electricians can help you with

Water heaters - Sump Pumps - Toilets repairs clogged - Clogged drains - Garbage disposals - Faucets - Waterproofing - Frozen Pipes Electrical repairs - Power washing - Heating and Cooling - Mobile Home plumbing and electrical repairs - clogged sewers clogged sinks clogged drains - Electrical Repairs Water heaters Fans Light Switches power outages

Please read some customer comments

Unclogged drain pipe for kitchen sink.

Comments: Plumbers were polite and did a fine job. Were upfront on the price and stood firm even though it took a bit more work then first assumed.Review by: William B.

Excessive condensation around pipes causing water accumulation and damage.

Comments: I talked to Rob and Darrell shortly after my request. Their goal obviously was to help me and they did. We are still assessing the situation. But, I believe we will request their services many times in the years to come. They were very flexible in that they were going to come right out, then I had to cancel last minute. Then I called the next day and they gladly came right out. I am so happy to have found a good plumber and it was so easy for me. Thank you very much. I'll be in touch very soon.

Replaced Kitchen Faucets Replaced bathroom vanity faucets Unclogged bathtub

Comments: Highly competent Worked incredibly quickly Will use again Review by: Vanessa W.

Bathtub replacement

Remove old bathtub and install new bathtub. haul away old bathtub. Comments: I got a call from Parker Brothers less than 60 seconds after hitting the send button online. They told us what we needed and had our job scheduled in less than a week. They were on time and did a great job removing and installing our tub If I had a recommendation for them it would be to 1) tell customers they have to remove the drywall (sorry - we didn't know) and my husband put up the replacement drywall - DEEP sigh - this is NOT his area of expertise. 2) use a little care around the walls outside of the tub when removing the old one (we have to repair a few areas) even though we are getting new surround on Friday. Overall I'm extremely pleased with this work. I had two contractors, including a Home Depot contractor, schedule appointments and not show up or call. The other NO SHOW was ******* Plumbing.

Repair toilets roseville mi

they where on time, friendly, and efficient. I highly recommend them to others i have used them before and will use them again in the future they repaired 2 toilets replaced both stops and toilet flappers, rebuilt a toilet stopped a water leak and shop vac some water out of my carpet.

Plumbing Repairs Clair Shores Mi

I Filled out your form for a quote then Robert Parker called me right back informed me that my job would have to be looked at to give me the best route to handle my plumbing problem he set up an appointment for 3:00 that today he showed up on time gave me a fair price and completed the repair in less then an hour I 100% recommend Parker brothers repairs

Water leak Warren Mi

I was trying to caulk my sink over Thanksgiving weekend and a simple job turned more difficult quickly. The hot water connection to the faucet was leaking a little bit onto the caulk area, so I removed the faucet. In doing so, the rusty pipe behind the faucet broke off. Every other plumber I called would charge a hefty fee ($90-$230) just to come out and look at it. Parker Brothers did not charge a fee to come out, and the final price they did charge me was very reasonable. AND they showed up 15 minutes early. Based on this one visit, I'd highly recommend them and will be using Parker Brothers in the future.

Frozen pipes Grosse Pointe

80 year old houses are nice until the 80 year old pipes freeze and break at midnight. I got the water turned off started searching for a plumber. I have had to different plumbers do work here since we moved in and I while I felt okay about the work I never felt great about it so I wanted to try someone else. The positive reviews here were enough for me and I called them the next morning. Since the water was off and it wasn't an emergency anymore they didn't have to hurry but made it here by about 2:30 anyway and were done before 5.I also found the price to be very reasonable. I had a similar problem fixed last year for at least $30 more and they didn't do as much as Parker Brothers. I will be calling Parker Brothers for anything plumbing related from now on and so should you.

Frozen pipe EastPointe

We called Parker Brothers plumbing after our pipes in our kitchen were seemingly frozen all day after numerous attempts to un-freeze them. They were going to come out on Sunday night, but got caught up with a problem at another customer's house. They kept me up to date on when they would be there and scheduled to come out first thing the next day. They were supposed to be there at 8 and got there at 9:30 which was my only complaint. When Charlie got there, he did a through examination of the situation and luckily it was a simple and easy fix. They did not over-charge or do any unnecessary work. I was so nervous calling a plumbing company I didn't know, but now I know I will turn to them for drain cleaning and anything else I need!

Plumbing and Electrical Grosse Pointe

Called for a non-emergency estimate on December 30, expected to have to wait until the new year. They were in the neighborhood and at the house within 35 minutes Honest, expert work on older plumbing - they quoted me over the phone for a plumbing job well done. Completed the job exactly on budget and took my payment over the phone. Would HIGHLY recommend. The only reason I could not give them five days - was due to confusion with the date of the actual repair - but they rectified and were out the next day. Call Parker Brothers plumbers if you need plumbing work!

well water pump Utica

My well water pump just hummed and wouldn't prime. They called within 20 min. of my search from google. They were here in a couple of hours (on SUNDAY) and are almost done. "The other guy" wanted $500 more (well if its the same when he gets through "reading it over") had to find all the parts, and I had to wait till Tues. with no water! Oh and according to "the other guy" "no one else does well pumps around here" HAH! Parkers are awsome, they said - "oh we will pick up a pump" nice guys, very helpful. Holy Cow - how refreshing!

Plumbing and Electrical Shelby twp

Thank you Mr.Parker Water Heater Works great

Electrical repair warren mi

Thank you guys so much the electrician was fast and fair I am glad my boss gave me your phone number and i will be passing it along. Electrical repairs

Plumbing leak Detroit


smelly drains Mount Clemens

was just about to give up waiting then some Darrell and his co worker shewed up. We had to borrow our neighbors ladder to get the job done,it got done. Rob was who I talked to,but was held up on another job per Darrell. no more smell in house and drains run faster. Thanks Guys

sewer drain clogged Sterling Hgts

Had a flooded basement over the weekend I called Parker Brothers on Saturday morning explaining that I had a flooded basement. They were there within 1 1/2 hrs and drained the main drain. The cost was very reasonable given the fact that it was an emergency. I would recommend them again.

Plumbing and Electrical saint clair shores

I received a phone call less than one minute after sending my request! Darrel the plumber showed up in less than an hour, and a did a fast and quality installation. I will gladly recommend the Parker Brothers plumbing!

sump pump repair saint clair shores

P. B. from Saint Clair Shores, MI said:Mar.2011 sump pump was running continuously but no water coming out. Possible air lock or debris clocking pipe. Got it running again Called me within minutes of on-line request for contractors. Was here within an hour. Did the work quickly and courtesly. Good Job!

leak on shower Troy mi

I called you Parker brothers Plumbing on Tuesday I got your number and name from my neighbor your Plumber Robert Parker went over to my mothers house in saint Clair shores and fixed a leak on her shower
he did a great job, and he was very pleasant to work with. He took very good care of her toilet problem and I will use you guys in the future, thank you I am glad I found you. Warren mi plumber. clogged toilet

Plumbing and Electrical Detroit

I Just wanted to let you know that charlie did a great job at our water heater and he was a very nice guy
Detroit mi plumbers.

Plumbing and Electrical Grosse pointe

Robert Parker, We were very pleased with the service provided by Charlie yesterday. He was very professional, knowledgeable and courteous. I would do business with you again and recommend your service. Thank You,Gary

Electrical service st clair shores

You guys where a little more expensive then my other quote, but i am glade i chose you, You did a fabulous
job and you cleaned up after the job was completed. thank you Saint Clair shores Mich. Electrical repairs

Toilet leak clawson mi

"I just wanted to say 'Thanks' for your service. I am VERY impressed with your company, the ease of the web site, and the speed of the toilet repair Darrell did. You have done a wonderful job and have certainly won a repeat customer. I have already mentioned your web site to two of my friends and fellow co-worker. It is not often you find a straight-up, on the level company on the Internet. I'm happy I found your site. You just keep getting better and better. Thanks again and I look forward to doing business with you in the future and passing your web address to my friends. Repair a leak on my toilet

Plumber and Electrical Royal Oak mi

"You guys are amazing! Awesome Plumbers. I always tell people about you. Do you have any idea how much I appreciate your professionalism? With thousands of Plumbers from which to use, it only makes sense to patronize companies whose Plumbers treat customers professionally, provide information on a wide variety of plumbing jobs and answer questions that a reasonable person would ask about the company, it's products or the way the company conducts business.

toilet repair Clawson mi

We received the service today on our toilet and everything was perfect. Thank you for the excellent job and customer service..

sump pump replacement Troy mi

You have my business from now on and forever. Warren Michigan plumbers. Sump pump replacement

clogged sewer and drains Dearborn mi

Parker Brothers did a repair on our clogged sewer this summer and I Just wanted to say that they did a fantastic job from start to finish. Everyone from the office people to the plumber Darrell was great and I will recommend Parker brothers to all my friends and family. Thank you guys so much: Mary Thomas.

Furnace repair Grosse pointe woods mi

I can't help but believe that your company had to have the very best customer service I have ever seen. With customer service at such a low ebb in our country today, it has to be special companies like yours that will be around for years to come with many, many satisfied customers. I really appreciate doing business with you folks and will be sure to recommend you to our neighbors, friends and family. Grosse Point Mi plumbers. Repair furnace

Plumbing and Electrical - Plumbers and Electricians

That's great customer service!....I'll be back for my future plumbing needs and I'll be telling my friends. Keep up the fine customer service and quick response
Detroit Michigan plumber, garbage disposal

Clogged sinks fraser mi

We appreciate your customer service skills and consider your company one of the tops we have ever dealt with and will continue to praise your company to our friends and family. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Your company could teach others all about customer service."
Fraser mi plumber.

Clogged toilet Macomb mi

"You saved me $100...I didn't expect my job so soon, and its great. I'm very pleased with your service and will recommend you to others. Thanks.

sewer repair Macomb mi

Somehow customer service seems to mean a lot less these days than it used to, so I really appreciated not only how quickly and considerately your employees responded, ....... You've certainly got my business and my recommendation to anyone who is looking.

garbage disposal replacement Bloomfield Michigan

"Guys/Gals, thank you for your speedy service. I know my job was a very small one, but I feel like I was treated like a big time customer. Again, thanks for doing business the "good old fashion way", treat all customers like they are important. Keep up the good service." PS. the garbage disposal works great

clogged toilet warren mi

I have used you company before and your service was superb. Great service again. Thanks again..

Clogged drain and sewer waterford mi

Just wanted to thank you for your excellent service...., I'm sure we will do more business in the future....I am delighted to let others know of a company that provides superior service.

Rochester MI clogged toilet

You guys are amazing and the customer service...will be your customer forever...Thank you

Faucet repairs canton mi

"Nice to do business with you. I'll be back for my new faucet

plumbing part

Thanks so much. It's been a great experience ordering from you - your website, product range & service - have all been of the highest quality.

toilet clogged sterling hgts mi

Thank you so much for the service. I asked for the quickest repair possible, and was told 30 min and you came through.

Dearbourn Mich plumber.

I will use your company again because I appreciate the customer service I have received.

Frozen Pipes clinton township mi

Thank you for your prompt and friendly service

kitchen sink and faucet Centerline Mich

perfect!!! What a nice way to do business!!! And it fits and looks terrific...Thanks again for help-enjoying doing business with you

Warren mi plumbing repair

Thanks for your fine service - you've got a new customer.Plumbing repairs Toilet - water heater - leaking faucets and clogged drains warren mi.

just a plumbing question answered

"I appreciate your guidance and not wanting to make quick money from me. It says a lot about your integrity.

Grosse point mi plumber

"Thank you for the great customer service ..This is why I have your site book marked.

sump pump Westland mi

"I love your business model. YOU GO!....Thanks again for your excellent service.

water heater replacement Detroit

"You have done a terrific job! Thank you very much for your timely responses... I will not hesitate to anyone from your company, that's how impressed I have been with your level of customer service.

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